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Working closely with Handsome Ltd,, for quite a few years, we have worked on a huge variety of projects with the company. Below we list just a few where we have added real value and tangible direction to their marketing strategies in order to help them achieve their objective of being the leading back care brand in the consumer healthcare space.

Brand Personas Build:  
We analysed and evaluated the customer journey and existing customer user demographics in order to help increase the amount of relevant, quality, converting users to the website, as well as to attract a new audience and maintain the high quality, strong converting traffic rates. 

We did this by building our customer personas and making clear plans for the internal teams and partners to customise content and modify the customer journey depending on the customer demographic. With such a broad audience interested in back pain products this was a huge undertaking however we very quickly and efficiently managed to segment audiences, customise their content and user experience to ultimately reduce bounce rates, improve conversion rates and reduce overall acquisition costs. 


Brand Ownership Pages – Amazon

The Amazon brand registry helps brands protect their approve, registered trademarks on Amazon and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers. This was a massively important successful task we completed for BackPainHelp as this allowed to have enhanced brand content (nicer user experience for customers) and ultimately safeguard their products from cheaper copycat examples within the marketplace. We guided them through the process, recommended and produced effective amazon storefront content and consequently helped build the channel as a major revenue stream for the organisation.


Product Packaging

Being medical devices, it’s not a simple task to just create packaging for product. There are endless rules, regulations and restrictions as to what you can and can’t have on the packaging. Working closely with QMS Consulting we manage to create highly effective, in fact beautiful, product packaging that not only adhered to the legal requirements needed but were also highly impactful when featured on the shelves of national supermarkets and stores such as Boots and Superdrug in the UK. 

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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

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