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We were asked by Brecon Beacons to create a short series of social media videos highlighting the attractions and activities the Brecon Beacons national park has to offer, in order to educate and influence users to come to the park, stay over night, and engage in the local areas various offerings. 

The Brecon Beacons is only the fifth destination in the world to be granted dark sky reserve status and therefore we wanted to sing and shout about it! Stargazing is a hugely popular activity and one that the Brecon Beacons offers in abundance and at a quality not easily found in the UK, or even around the world! 

Alongside our partners at Soup Creative we filmed 3 short films showcasing the dark skies sky gazing activities and wanted to push this out to a wider, unknown audience.

Brand advocacy, education and reach were all hugely important for this campaign. We wanted people to learn about the reserve, learn about the activities they can do, and have a great user experience with the brand to help build a long term relationship with the users.

For this we targeted users through social media. This was a layered, multichannel approach meaning that we started off with a short 10 second video which was shown to a specifically targeted audience. After a few days of seeing the advert, we then retargeted them with a 30 second video, and then once again a few days later with a 60 second video.

The objective of slowly increasing the ad frequency, and ultimately the scale of information given in the video and language of the ad copy, we saw a huge influx in new visitors to the website who were engaging well and planning their trips to the park. 


This soft increase of messaging and content length ties in very will with increased frequency as the user slowly but surely moves down the sales funnel. 

Ever careful not to throw too much information at users at one time, this strategy turned out to be hugely successful and effective for the Brecon Beacons with the best performing social media and website analytics stats, and ultimate visitors to the park all in one go.

A fantastic project with some really beautiful content produced, we’d love to work on more like this!

Date :

March, 2021

Client :

Brecon Beacons

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Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Video and content

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Social Media Marketing

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