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Birdies Bar is part of the Ghetto Golf Group, with venues in the heart of Liverpool and Birmingham with an amazing tropical vibe, with indoor and outdoor spaces. With the space available there are a wide mix of activities and events that can take place, including live music and DJ’s along with Quiz and movie nights. 


The Objective:
With the COVID pandemic hitting the hospitality sector hard, the business needed a change of approach to how it acquires customers. Like most bars digital presence wasn’t a concern, generating customers who would be out already and relying on footfall to fill up their venues. We reviewed the current packages and user journey along with Birdies internal operations team to create an offering and process to generate early bookings and take deposits in advance. 



The first point of call was to develop a simple website that can take pre-bookings, making it easy to update event pages and information. The site needed to be easily updated, with changing dates, processes and rules around the pandemic, with this in mind we built the site using wordpress, which we turned in around in a really short time – so the bar could be reopened and drive early bookings. 


Video and Content:

Working with our video sister company Soup Creative, we created some amazing social media teaser videos and photography which were used and posted on all of birdies social media platforms. These engaged their audience well and warmed them up for what to expect inside, along with key information about new processes around the Covid restrictions in place.




Alongside the regular social media teasers, we sent emails to our new and past customers, generating a flow of information about events coming up. With some of the best open and engagement rates received to date, we knew the audience was going to love some of the new events and activities now available at birdies.



PR and planning:
PR played an important role with the launch of the new activities, with a focus on the new movies cabins in the Liverpool venue, we added a PR outreach plan to the overall marketing activity. Reaching out to the local press outlets, with teaser info planned around the social campaigns meant we drove large numbers of pre-bookings ahead of opening.


The Result:

Having multiple touchpoints with consistent messaging, to a direct audience with a specific tone of voice and proposition, we saw that as the frequency of messaging softly rose across platforms. The positive results of enquiries and bookings flooded in, to a website that was easy to use and update with new events and features. 

As many marketeers are seeing, it’s not just on single point of attribution that can be awarded the conversion. It’s high quality and consistent content throughout a well planned strategy which adds all the ingredients for a great result!

Date :

March, 2021

Client :

Birdies Bar

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Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Website, PR, video and content

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Full marketing Strategy Management and fulfillment

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