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Brand Creation, Graphic Design, Brand Marketing

Delve Recruitment approach us as they needed to revitalise the look, feel and meaning of their brand. In such a competitive marketplace it’s important to be distinguishable, memorable and most importantly, attractive. 


As is always our process, we integrated ourselves directly within the team at Delve, running workshops, befriending staff and asking all levels of stakeholders what they feel the brand means to them, what it should mean, and how they can elevate themselves within the marketplace.


It’s this process of interviews, workshops and informal conversations where we truly being to learn what the brand represents and the ambition targeted.  


The Tagline ‘Beyond the paper’ was created. This is because Delve want to clearly and concisely show that they’re not just paper pushers, not just a recruitment agency that takes CV’s and churns without passion. Delve go beyond the paper, beyond the CV, because it’d the details beyond that make the real difference for clients and candidates alike.

From our research processes we began the design! 


We created the new Delve brand, including the logo and all supplementary marketing materials needed to launch the brand outbound. This included all documentation such a RFPs, business cards, email footers, social icons and logos’s/icons. 


Take a look at some of the materials below which we’re sure will help you understand the brand easily. Job jobbed!





Date :

September, 2021

Client :

Delve Recruitment

Skills :

Brand Marketing, Graphic Design

Delve Recruitment Materials