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Full Marketing Director Services, including, Email Campaigns, Social Media Campaigns, Website creation and management, Video Production, Graphic Design, Content and new site launch

Ghetto Golf is the most immersive adult crazy golf course in the UK, with each hole uniquely designed. Offering an amazing catherdal of art with the inhouse set designers and graffiti artists, Ghetto had two other sites live at the time of engagement including Liverpool and Newcastle, giving us existing content to use and a brand which was extremely important to keep and not dilute. 


Ghetto Golf approached us in 2019 to support on the new site launch in Newcastle, looking over the current suppliers and building out a 5 week plan to make the new city aware of the arrival of the best night out in Newcastle.


The team at IntegroMD began by reviewing all suppliers and building up a plan that could be achieved in the restricted 5 week window. With the launch being a great success we went on to manage and act as the Groups Marketing Director, building the internal team and managing all areas of marketing and content creation and launching a new brand Golf Fang to the Glasgow Market and getting through the Covid Pandemic. 


The Objective:

We supported on all areas of marketing, including Marketing Strategy Creation, brand design, product, menu and poster templates, POS, email marketing, website build and management, including Organic and Paid social. Our objective was to build a plan and set of templates while building a team who can take over from our services, without affecting the revenue and growth plans of the business. 



Social Media:
Working with a disruptive brand like Ghetto, means the social needs to stand out throughout the year, working with White.Noise we created a series of templates and themes – around key activities that can also be used in paid campaigns also. 




With email being a great form of communication we built user flows to make sure the conversation matched where a potential, past or present customer was in their journey. We built a series of templates and matched key campaign creative to ensure the brand image was also correct. With the covid pandemic, this allowed us to manage and notify customers of changes that may impact there booking with much success. 



The Ghetto Golf website was built a few years back and as with all sites updates are important, from front end to back end to make sure they are stable and able to handle the increase of traffic. We have not only build lots of different elements to the front end, including landing pages and page amends but manage the day to day work – keeping it safe, secure and updated. 


The Result:

Improving the marketing at Ghetto Golf creating style sets and campaign ideas across all channels has seen some large areas if revenue increase. Our partnership with Ghetto has now been nearly 3 years, with our last venue launch seeing over 100k of revenue generated before the doors opened. It’s not just on single point of attribution that can be awarded the conversions. It’s high quality and consistent content throughout a campaign which adds all the ingredients for a special result!

Date :

August, 2019 - present

Client :

Ghetto Golf

Category :

Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Email, Website, video and photography

Skills :

Full marketing Strategy Management and fulfillment

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