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Hobs Repro, the UK’s largest independent reprographics business, asked us to help review and revitalise their organisations digital/online health. Having been founded in 1969, and having over 20+ locations they are a massively successful business, although that can also mean having some older legacy systems which can be difficult to update and roll out throughout such a busy organisation.

The team at IntegroMD began by reviewing their current digital platforms and immediately updating their systems where needed. Our digital team managed to quickly and efficiently update their website, social media pages and monitoring platforms in order to gain a previously limited understanding of how their customers are engaging with them online. 

Once brought up to date with a clear and live tracking data, we began our outreach marketing campaign. A very special one too!

The Objective:

Following a 6 month large investment in the latest and greatest print technologies and machinery, Hobs wanted to spread the word and give some of their best customers the latest news on their capabilities, benefits, and ultimate advantages their new production capabilities bring to their end users/customers. 


To do this, we wanted to create a multi-channel marketing campaign that both touched people digitally, and physically too. Hobs produced a truly fantastic ‘pop-out’ printed package for all targeted customers which not only physically ‘popped out’ when opened to make a big impact, but also can be repurposed as a table/desk tidy. It was even printed using seeded paper meaning that instead of throwing it in the bin, it could be planted and turn into wildflowers too!

We didn’t want to reveal all to the select audience at once though, as it would have ruined the parcels surprise, so we created a schedule for our campaign messages to be distributed automatically throughout a variety of channels.


Social Media:
Working with our video sister company Soup Creative, we created some amazing social media teaser videos and photography which were scheduled and released every other day and posted on all of Hob’s social media platforms. These sneak peaks at what was to come really engaged their audience well and warmed them up for the big surprise reveal at the end of the campaign.



Alongside the regular social media teasers, we sent emails to our target audience, slowly revealing more and more details on what they can expect in the post, why we’re doing it, and why we’ve selected them as the special customers to receive the package. With some of the best open and engagement rates we’ve received to date, we knew the audience was going to love the big impact big reveal.


All packages were sent out with QR codes linking to more information and direct contact information on the Hobs website. For this we created a dedicated landing page with all the latest news and USPs of Hobs’s latest machinery investment.

The Result:

Having multiple touchpoints with consistent messaging, to a direct audience with a specific tone of voice and proposition, we saw that as the frequency of messaging softly rose across platforms the positive results of enquiries and booked work flooded in. 

As many marketeers are seeing, it’s not just on single point of attribution that can be awarded the conversion. It’s high quality and consistent content throughout a campaign which adds all the ingredients for a special result!

Date :

August, 2021

Client :

Hobs Repro

Category :

Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Website, video and photography

Skills :

Full marketing Strategy Management and fulfillment

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