In-House Versus Agency – Which is Better

Most businesses have a decision to make – whether to use an in-house team or hire an agency for marketing. As the company grows marketing becomes a technical and specialized work, which can not be shared among individuals in the company having other responsibilities also. Thus, it becomes important to have specialists who will manage the company’s marketing campaigns. Marketing and branding are imperative for any company to differentiate itself from the competitors and stay ahead in the market.

Let us have a look at the various pros and cons of each model and decide which one is comparatively better.


The in-house marketing team is recruited and paid by the company and work exclusively for the company only. The benefits of appointing an in-house team are as follows:

Product Knowledge

The in-house team is aware of the company’s products and services as they are a part of the company. This makes it easier for them to work on marketing and branding assignments. This in-depth knowledge is difficult to achieve working with an agency. The in-house team attends the company’s meetings and is better aware of the strategic decisions and they can relate to the company’s future plans. This results in better marketing and branding campaigns, which benefit the company.

Cultural Alignment

One of the greatest benefits of having an in-house team is, it understands the culture, values, and mission of the company and the brand. The in-house team will be passionate about the culture of the company and will associate itself with it, which is difficult to get while hiring an agency.

Exclusiveness of Work

The in-house marketing team will be a dedicated team and will be working exclusively only for the company. Thus, they will have more loyalty and deeper connection with the marketing and branding of the company. Since they work exclusively, the in-house team has usually a faster turnaround times compared to an agency.

Integrated Marketing

Effective and successful branding results from an integrated marketing approach where all the marketing efforts combine together. All efforts like brand voice, communications, marketing mix decisions etc. have to be consistent and integrated. Such integration is possible in an in-house team as they work closely and are a part of the company. Such integration is very difficult to achieve by hiring an agency.


A marketing agency can be hired to manage the marketing and branding of the company. The benefits of hiring an agency are provided below:

Diverse Skillsets

Having each specific skill sets in an in-house marketing team is difficult and costly too. It is difficult to hire all the experts in the in-house team, some of whom may not be needed on a daily basis. Agency has this advantage of having all these different experts with them, some of those skills may be needed for few hours in a month only. Thus, the agency provides broader and diverse skillsets compared to an in-house team.

External Perspective

Agencies bring with them the external perspective, which may be difficult to achieve with an in-house team. The in-house team can stagnate in creativity over a period of time, which makes it difficult to bring in new ideas and freshness into the brand. This is mostly due to the fact that the in-house team works very closely with the brand and does not see the brand from an external perspective. Agencies work with different clients and marketing campaigns and hence can bring fresh and creative ideas.

In-Depth Experience in Marketing

An agency works with multiple clients from different sectors. They handle multiple marketing and branding assignments and hence have in-depth experience in their domain. The hired agency brings with itself these in-depth experiences, learning and best practices of their previous assignments, which benefits the company.

Cost Effectiveness

Hiring an agency is usually cost-effective compared to having an in-house team. The scope of work in a project given to an agency can be scaled up or scaled down easily on a periodic basis with an agency. However, scaling up or down a project with the in-house team will involve hiring or laying off people which is costly. Hence, the agency provides a flexible and cost-effective model compared to an in-house team.


It is generally observed that a committed in-house team provides better results than hiring an agency. The proximity of the in-house team with the company’s products and services, the knowledge of company’s strategic decisions and future direction and a better understanding of the company’s missions and values, places the in-house team in a position to yield better results than an agency.

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