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Sky TV AdSmart Campaign, Social Media & Website Building Support

We were asked by our partner business Soup Creative to help assist them with producing and distributing a really amazing campaign to help push Ninibaby’s award winning NiniPod cot. With a new gorgeous TV ad created by the creative wizards at Soup, it was up with us at IntegroMD to make sure the customer journey was on point!


To make sure the campaign had the best push, efficiency and conversion as possible we split it into 3 key areas; Website, Social media and TV. 




We overhauled all touchpoint and landing pages on their website to make sure the customer journey was easy, efficient and mobile friendly. We also amended the content on the website so there was a consistent and engaging messaging throughout. This meant that irrelevant of which page the customer was landing on, they understood the offer, the USP’s, and why they should buy from there!




It’s all good and well having beautiful content, but if they’re not getting in front of the right people, then it’ll never be a success. Thats why we’ve created ‘lookalike’ audiences from past valuable customers, set up re-marketing campaigns for unconverted customers and are targeting new customers via location, interests and demographics to make sure that we’ve covered all bases depending on where they are in the current marketing sales funnel.




Working with Sky AdSmart, the latest and greatest, affordable way of TV advertising, we

 you don’t have to track our audience by channel, time or programme as we would have done traditionally. Our ads now only play when our selected audience (parents to be) are watching, so you can be sure every penny counts. 



Date :

September, 2021

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TV, Social Media, Website

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Social Media Management

TV Advert

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