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Nomad Games, creators of the legendary multiplayer quest game Talisman were working alongside our partners over at Soup Creative to create their latest TV ad campaign for the launch of their new game. 


We were brought in to help push the advert online to supplement the TV ad campaign and also to push direct traffic through to the Nintendo website, ultimately for product sales/conversions.

For this we had to target a very specific audience both in the UK and Poland directly. This audience needed to be a mix of existing Talisman game fans as well as individuals with an interest in Nintendo Switch gaming and games of a similar genre/style. 


One of the largest challenges within the campaign was that all traffic was pointing towards the Nintendo Games Store, an asset not owned or controlled by Nomad Games. Any digital marketeer will tell you that this is a rather large headache as it means the tracking an attribution of the campaign is limited as we could not see the direct conversions and data required in order to fully optimise and manage the campaign easily, efficiently and correctly.


Now we don’t want to share all of our secrets so we’ll keep quiet as to how we managed to get around this challenge, but we did so with great success. With regular monitoring and campaign optimisation we managed to learn a great deal about the acquisition process and audience engagement and interaction rates within the gaming category. Nomad Games too were very happy with the resulting conversion rates of their games, as the multi-channel approach meant that they not only increased sales and increased brand advocacy for the game internationally, but as always at IntegroMD, we shared all of our ways of working, learnings and results with them fully so they now have adopted and absorbed the best practises for them to launch a campaign directly themselves in-house if they so wish. Sharing is caring after all!

The brilliant advert can be seen below, and we’re sure you’ll agree, it’s fantastic. 

Date :

September, 2021

Client :

Nomad Games

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Social Media Marketing

Nomad Games Video Ad