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Brand launch into a new country, PR and content

Ritte Racing is a disruptive push bike brand with a focus on road cycling, launching in the US from the back of an amazing cycling jersey the team in the US pushed to be different in what was a very standard market place. With most brands looking the same, Ritte stood out from the crowd, with a range of carbon steel and stainless bike frames with the most amazing paint jobs. 



The Objective:

Ritte approached us to help launch them into the UK, with so much brand loyalty in this sector the challenge was to use existing content and guide additional to make sure they stood out, bringing fun back into the sector. We wanted customers to feel part of something, believe in the brand and understand things didn’t need to be stall and boring in the bike world. 


The Result:

Creating campaigns that showed nothing had to be taken serious in the bike world, we looked at ways to have fun and point laughs back at the targeted audience – for examples leg shaving! We hit some challenges with the bike industry press, as the adverts were very different from what they are use to seeing. However seeing the impact meant we knew they would work and help generate organic traffic and interest in the brand. 


Once we saw the impact of the adverts we had the right connections to generate bike reviews and further interest in the brand. This allowed Ritte to pick up a UK distributor to manage sales and enquires as the brand grew. We loved the challenge of working with a disruptive brand, in a very competitive marketplace – thinking outside the box and challenging a market place, is what gets us up in the morning! 

Date :

August, 2021

Client :

Ritte Bicycles

Category :

Marketing Strategy, brand launch, content, PR

Skills :

Full marketing Strategy Management and fulfillment, PR

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