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Conversion Rate Optimisation, Marketing Support, Website Development

We were approached by this gorgeous small family business to help them with conversion rate optimisation. Being a small cottage industry business they simply could not afford to get into a pricing war with the big boys such as Hobby Craft. This meant that we needed to work on their brand and website ease of use to help website users choose Tandem Cottage over the big boys, through brand loyalty/affinity and a better customer journey and experience. 



Firstly we needed to review their existing customer journey so we could make improvements to the functionality of their website and make sure that for the customers wanting to learn about products and purchase items, it’s as easy as possible for them. 



Alongside this review we also wanted to work on the brand messaging, proposition and consistency of style. This ultimately turned into a small, but powerful website refresh. 

We changed the structure of each product page, the homepage and checkout process, as well as refreshing the website theme, imagery and brand messaging to really push home and reiterate the message of supporting a small family owned local business and local suppliers.


This was a great, successful small job as we were quick to split test changes and monitor the activity through Google Analytics and other platforms in order to retain users on the website for longer, increase engagement and ultimately improve conversion rate and lifetime value/repeat custom.


Date :

September, 2021

Client :

Tandem Cottage Needlework

Category :

Website, Marketing

Skills :

Digital Marketing, Website Management

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