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Tone of Voice and It’s Importance

‘Tone of voice’ is a common term in marketing. Simply put, the tone of voice is not about what we have to say, rather it is about the way we say things. It includes the type of words we use, the order of words, the rhythm of words, sentence formulation etc. We come across individuals with each having his or her own tone of voice and way of communicating things across. We form opinions about such people based on their tone of voice. Similarly, the tone of voice used by different companies and businesses affect the opinions which people form about them. Tone of voice of a company will cover all it’s written documents and communication channels like website, social media platforms, brochures, pamphlets, campaign materials, emails, branding materials etc.

The tone of voice communicates a lot about the company. The following points highlight the importance in today’s competitive business scenario:

Builds Brand Image
It helps in building a favourable brand image. It gives a projection of the company and the people who work with them for creating the brand. It is critical for setting up and expressing the brand personality and the values coherent with it.

Differentiates the Company
The tone of voice should be distinct and clear and it should help in differentiating the company and the brand. A distinct tone of voice gives a clear advantage to the company in putting across its message with the targeted stakeholders. It helps to differentiate a company from its competitors and create a distinct identity for itself. Thus, it is critical in setting apart companies and brands in this highly competitive marketplace.

Influences Stakeholders
It’s important for the company to communicate with its stakeholders in a clear and distinct manner. A well planned and structured tone of voice will let the company create a distinct identity and a positive image in the minds of the stakeholders and customers alike. It will also allow the company to influence and persuade them in a positive manner. An effective tone of voice should not focus on making the targeted individuals remember the writing or the words used, rather it should reinforce the robustness of the business among them.

Trust Building
An effective tone of voice builds trust among the target audience. It creates a brand familiarity with the audience which leads to the building of trust. People will trust brands they are familiar with as their brand recall will be high. Brand familiarity also results in people feeling comfortable using the brands. Hence, the tone of voice should create familiarity among the target audience. The audience should become familiar with and aware of the brand from its tone of voice. It will result in trust building on the brand.

Retain and Gain Customers
It creates a positive brand image and also influences the customers positively. It also leads to trust building on the brand. As such, it is important in retaining the existing customers and also gaining new. A tone of voice is critical for a company to remain competitive and ahead of its competitors in today’s business.

Better Focus
The tone of voice gives focus and clear direction to the companies. The market is flooded with competitors and for a company to survive and be successful, it must be clear about its business, what they want to do and where they want to go. This gives the companies clarity on taking strategic decisions which will benefit them.

Substitutes Physical Communication
When we communicate physically or face-to-face with clients we can influence them through non-verbal communication like the use of proper body language, facial expressions, voice modulation etc. However, in written communication, all these are done by using the proper tone of voice, which becomes the medium to communicate the desired things to the clients, stakeholders and customers. With the face to face communication becoming limited in the initial stages of working out a deal, the tone of voice has assumed importance in communicating with them.

A company without a distinct tone of voice runs the risk of getting lost in a competitive marketplace. A tone of voice helps create a unique identity of the company and also leads to brand familiarity and builds brand trust. Properly designed and an effective tone of voice helps create a brand recall for the audience and lets the company stay ahead of its competitors in the market. 

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